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Coronavirus: Asymptomatic cases ‘carry same amount of virus’

Coronavirus: Asymptomatic cases 'carry same amount of virus'. Coronavirus pandemic GETTY IMAGES People with symptomless Covid-19 can carry as much of the virus as those with symptoms, a South Korean study has suggested. South Korea was able to identify and isolate asymptomatic cases through mass testing as early as the start of March. There is mounting evidence these cases represent a considerable proportion of coronavirus infections. But the researchers weren't able to say how much these people actually passed the virus on. People with a positive [...]

Coronavirus: What does the science actually say about face coverings?

Coronavirus: What does the science actually say about face coverings? As face coverings become mandatory in shops in England, we look at whether they are effective against COVID-19. People must wear face coverings in shops in England from today, the government has said. But until now scientists have criticised ministers for their mixed messaging about wearing face masks during the pandemic, so what does the science actually say? Prime Minister Boris Johnson has previously said Britons should be wearing face coverings in shops because they [...]

Six types of COVID-19 identified by scientists in ‘major’ breakthrough for treatment

Coronavirus: Six types of COVID-19 identified by scientists in 'major' breakthrough for treatment. Symptoms not widely linked to the virus-like confusion and abdominal pain - are found to be hallmarks of its most severe forms. Researchers say the findings will have 'a profound impact on our understanding of the extent and impact of COVID-19'. Scientists have identified six distinct types of COVID-19 - each with a specific collection of symptoms - in a breakthrough that could help doctors predict which patients are [...]

Coronavirus: Hydroxychloroquine trial to restart

Coronavirus: Hydroxychloroquine trial to restart. Coronavirus pandemic GETTY IMAGES - Trials will discover whether hydroxychloroquine can prevent coronavirus infection. Trials of the controversial anti-malarial drug taken by US President Donald Trump to try to prevent catching coronavirus are to be resumed. UK regulators say hydroxychloroquine and a similar drug chloroquine can be given to healthcare workers in a clinical study to test the theory. Recruitment to the COPCOV trial had been paused amid concerns about side-effects raised by other research that has since been discredited. That work looked at treating [...]

Coronavirus: Survivors ‘at risk of PTSD’

Coronavirus: Survivors 'at risk of PTSD'. Coronavirus pandemic People who were seriously ill in hospital with coronavirus need to be urgently screened for post-traumatic stress disorder, leading doctors say. The Covid Trauma Response Working Group, led by University College London and involving experts from across south east England, said those who had been in intensive care were most at risk. The experts said regular check-ups should last at least a year. More than 100,000 people have been treated in hospital for the virus. The experts [...]