Child Immunisation – Level 3 – Online Training Course

Child Immunisation – Level 3 – Online Training Course

Child Immunisation - Level 3 - Online Training Course -

Child Immunisation – Level 3 – Online Training Course


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Welcome to our online Childhood Immunisation training course for front-line healthcare and social care providers.

Childhood immunisation is a highly successful public health intervention that protects individuals across their life course. Also, child immunisations help to save thousands of lives across the world every year. To ensure ongoing public confidence in vaccines and high vaccine uptake, all those who advise on and/or administer immunisations must be confident, knowledgeable and up to date. This e-learning course was designed in line with the recommendations made in the Public Health England (PHE) National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training.


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Child Immunisation - Level 3 - Online Training Course - CPD Accredited E-Learning Courses.

Study method - Online, self-paced

Estimated duration (Indicative CPD hours) - 2 hours

Course format - Online (24/7 access)

Entry requirements - no prerequisites required

Assessment type - Complete end of course assessment (80% needed to pass and gain CPD certificate)

Certification/Qualification - Downloadable CPD certified certificate

Cost(s) of assessment and certification - Assessment and certification costs included in the course price

Course accreditation - CPD Certification Service (CPDUK)

Course access - Part-time (1-year access)

Course delivery – via desktop PC/MAC, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

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Who is the course for?

This online Childhood Immunisation training course was developed for healthcare professionals who have a responsibility to administer immunisations, including:

  • General practitioners
  • NHS and private sector doctors
  • Registered nurses.
Why is this course important?

Healthcare practitioners from a wide diversity of professional backgrounds now administer immunisations in many different settings and service areas. This online child immunisation course was designed to be relevant to all healthcare practitioners with a role in immunisation, whether they advise on or administer immunisations.

Most of the information in this e-learning course is relevant for those involved in the immunisation programme in all the UK nations. However, those undertaking the programme in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, should be aware that some details, such as the ordering and reporting of vaccines given may be different.

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Child Immunisation - Level 3 - Online Training Course - CPDUK Accredited E-Learning Courses.
Course aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of this online Childhood Immunisation training course is to improve the learners' knowledge regarding UK immunisation schedules. This course does not cover childhood travel immunisations because these are administered in specialist travel clinics outside of the routine immunisation schedules.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this online Childhood Immunisation training course, you will:

  • Know the different types of vaccines for children,
  • Know the current immunisation schedules for children in the UK,
  • Understand the recent changes to the UK childhood immunisation schedules,
  • Know when a vaccine is contraindicated, should be deferred, or requires special consideration,
  • Be able to answer the common parental concerns regarding vaccines and childhood immunisations,
  • Be aware of the potential future changes in the routine immunisation schedule, and
  • Ensure that you get the necessary additional training and assessment in line with local policies and procedures.
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Course content – Child immunisation - level 3 online course

What is covered in this online course?

This online Childhood Immunisation training course includes the following:

  • Unit 1 - Introduction
    • Guidance for healthcare professionals
    • Examples of successful immunisation campaigns
    • Information for healthcare professionals
    • Objectives of immunisation programmes
    • Vaccine coverage
    • The immunisation schedule for childhood illness
  • Unit 2 - Types of vaccines
    • Understanding types of vaccines
    • Live attenuated vaccines
    • Inactivated vaccines
    • Whole organism vaccines
    • Protein-based subunit vaccines
    • Polysaccharide vaccines
    • Protein-polysaccharide conjugate vaccines.
  • Unit 3 - Information on immunisation for specific groups
    • Maternal vaccines
    • Maternal vaccines - Pertussis
    • Maternal vaccines - Influenza
    • Vaccines for infants
    • Infants - Hepatitis B
    • Infants - Meningococcal capsular group C (MenC)
    • Infants - Capsular group B meningococcus (MenB)
    • Infants - Rotavirus
    • Preschool and school-aged children
    • Preschool and pre-aged school children - Influenza 2018/19
    • Mandatory influenza immunisation
    • Clinical risk categories.
  • Unit 4 - Contraindications and special considerations to influenza vaccine
    • Considerations for children
    • Immunosuppression
    • Egg allergy
    • Severe asthma or active wheezing
    • Dosing
    • Adolescents
    • Meningococcal capsular groups ACWY (MenACWY)
    • Change to the routine immunisation schedule
    • Catch up programme
    • First-time university entrants (aged up to 25 years)
    • Measles
    • Human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV)
    • Recommended immunisation outside the standard schedule
    • Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Unit 5 -Contraindications and/or deferral of immunisation
    • Deferral of immunisations
    • Adverse effects
    • Fever: guidance on the use of paracetamol after immunisation
    • Anaphylaxis secondary to vaccines.
  • Unit 6 - Special considerations
    • Underlying medical conditions
    • Additional information for healthcare professionals
    • Managing children with unknown or incomplete immunisation history
    • Storage and administration of vaccines
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Egg allergy and MMR vaccine
    • MMR vaccine and autism
    • Single MMR vaccines
    • Preterm babies and immunisations
    • Common misconceptions about vaccines
    • Concerns about vaccine safety.
Child Immunisation - Level 3 - Online Training Course - CPDUK Accredited E-Learning Courses.
Complete 'End of Course Assessment'

After completing the end of course assessment with a passing rate of 80%, you will be able to download, save and/or print a quality assured CPD certificate.

Save or print your certificate from your device

You will be able to print or save your quality assured certificate in PDF format from your learner profile.

Posted certificate

If you require a hard copy of your certificate, this will cost £8.00. The certificate will be dispatched to you within 48 hours of completing the course.

Certificate renewal

This certificate does not have an expiration date. However, based on industry best practice guidelines, the recommended renewal period for the training is three years. The recommended renewal date will be indicated on your certificate.

Course accreditation

All our eLearning courses and training programmes are externally peer-reviewed and approved by the CPD Certification Service (CPDUK). These courses comply with the universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines. Our CPD certificates are recognised internationally and can be used to provide evidence for compliance and audit.

Career path

Our online courses and programmes range from introductory modules at Level 1 (awareness/beginner) to advanced and expert modules up to Level 6.

Our e-learning modules count towards CPD hours for professionals in various sectors as well as meeting mandatory and statutory requirements (where relevant).

Is there an end of course assessment?

Yes, there is an end of course assessment. After completing the learning materials, you will be redirected to the ‘End of Course Assessment’ section.

How many questions am I required to answer?

You will be asked to answer 20 questions. These questions are a combination of single and multiple choice questions, reordering answers, filling in the blanks and open answers.

What is the pass mark for this course?

To pass the end of course assessment, you must achieve a passing rate of 80% or more.

If I fail, how many times can I take the end of course assessment?

You can retake the end of course assessment as many times as required.

Do I get charged for reattempting the end of course assessment?

No. There will be no extra charges for reattempting the end of course assessment.

Do I get a certificate once I have passed the course?

Yes, you can download a digital CPD certificate in PDF format after completing the end of course assessment. You can save or print your certificate from your learner profile.

Child Immunisation - Level 3 - Online Training Course

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  • Online, self-paced training
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Learn anywhere, anytime on any device

You will need access to a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone device to complete these online courses. You can start, pause/stop and return to where you left off.

Our courses utilise responsive design features, making them available on any device of your choice.

Tutor support

Online email and chat support are available to enrolled students while studying to help clarify any questions.

Accredited UK training organisation

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The CPD certificates, awarded upon successful completion, can be used to log your hours against.

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Child Immunisation - Level 3 - Online Training Course
How do I book this course?

To enrol on this e-learning course, please add the course to your basket. From there, you will be redirected to our secure checkout page to complete your booking.

What if I am booking the course for someone else?

If you are booking the course for someone else, please state their name(s) in the 'notes' section of the basket. You will be able to enrol the course to the learner from your profile.

How do I access my learning materials?

Once your payment has been confirmed, you will receive a booking confirmation email with a receipt. Immediately after purchase, you will receive an email with further instructions and unique login credentials to access your learner account. Next, you will need to follow the instructions and login to your learner account.

How does the course work?

Our courses are divided into six units. You can either read or listen to the course materials. At the end of each unit is a 'knowledge check' section. This section helps the learners remember what they have learnt.

Do I need a computer to complete this course?

Our online training courses can be completed on your desktop computer/Mac, laptop, tablet or mobile device. These online courses are easily accessible as long as there is an internet connection.

How long does it take to complete this course?

These online training courses are self-paced. Therefore, learners have full control and flexibility on when they wish to complete the material.

What is the deadline to complete this course?

There is no deadline for completion. The course will expire from a learner's account after 365 days, whether it has been accessed or not.

Do I complete the end of course assessment online?

Yes. All end of course assessments are completed online.

What is the passing rate for this course?

Learners are required to achieve a passing rate of 80% or more to complete the course and gain a CPD certificate.

When will I get my certificate?

To obtain your certificate, you need to complete the end of course assessment first. A passing rate of 80% or more is required to gain a CPD certificate.

Where will I find my certificate?

Obtained certificates can be downloaded from the learner's profile page.

What is your refund policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your training. Thus, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

To request a refund, you should email our Support Team with your receipt stating why you would like to be refunded. Any courses that have been completed and those with certificates will not be valid for a refund.

Will I be able to access learning materials on multiple devices, such as tablets and mobile phones?

Yes, you can access the learning materials from any electronic device that has an internet connection. However, we recommend that you use a desktop or laptop device for the best learning experience. These online courses can also be taken on tablet and mobile devices, such as iPads, iPhone and Android mobile phones.

Is a specific internet web browser recommended to complete this course?

For the best possible experience, we recommend that learners use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox. Please ensure no updates are pending on your browser.

How long do learners have to complete a course?

There is no estimated completion time for this course. Learners can study in their own time at their speed. Learners may pause, leave and come back to the system to continue the training at any time.

How many CPD hours or CPD points is this course worth?

The CPD hours depend on how long each learner takes to complete the course materials and assessments. Each course will indicate the anticipated completion time. This gives a general indication of the CPD hours for those who are required to submit their continuing professional development hours.

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Child Immunisation - Level 3 - Online Training Course

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