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Online Train the Trainer Courses – E-Learning

The Mandatory Training Group is the leading UK provider of accredited online train the trainer courses. Our online train the trainer courses provide key skills to trainers across all sectors. Click on the link below to browse our online train the trainer courses:

Train the Trainer Courses, Programs and Qualifications for Trainers.

Training skills for trainers

Gain the core skills required by trainers to develop and deliver training with maximum effect. Our comprehensive online train the trainer courses help trainers to learn the skills that advance real knowledge and ability in the delegates you train.

Which online train the trainer courses are available?

The Mandatory Training Group lists a wide range of online train the trainer courses, programs and qualifications including:

So why online train the trainer training courses?

Our online train the trainer courses provided new and experienced trainers alike with core skills to develop and deliver effective training in any subject or sector. With our wide range of train the trainer e-learning courses, you will learn about various techniques and tools to improve training development, delivery skills and more effective retention of skills gained. Our training the trainers’ e-learning courses range from basic trainer skills to training facilitation, learning styles and presentation skills.

These training courses for training the trainers can also be delivered at your workplace or any suitable venue in all UK cities and regions.

Key benefits of choosing our online train the trainer courses include:

  • Learn anywhere, at your own pace and any device
  • Develop training development and facilitation skills
  • Improve your public speaking and facilitation skills
  • Save on time and training costs by learning online
  • Access free eLearning resources for trainers
  • Use our free blended learning platform to support your training

Train the trainer courses for internal trainers

Many organisations across the UK and internationally have used our free blended learning solutions to train their internal trainers. Our online train the trainer courses and programs provide invaluable support and knowledge resource for internal trainers. We support thousands of supervisors and line managers to provide effective training to their staff as part of their existing roles. Our train the trainer e-learning courses provide in-house trainers with the essential skills required to maximise their effectiveness and improving your employees’ skills and knowledge retention.

Save on costs of classroom-based training by enrolling onto our train the trainer courses online. Alternatively, use a combination of face to face training at your offices or chosen venue (any suitable training venue in the UK) with our interactive e-learning courses for trainers. We may not know everything there is to know about your subjects area (s), but we will certainly help you plan, develop and deliver effective training. We will make you a great trainer in your chosen subject area!

Bespoke train the trainer courses for organisations

Our learning and development team has worked with various organisations of all sizes to develop and implement effective in-house training delivered by internal trainers. We will work with your internal training and development team to:

  • Assess your organisational training needs
  • Plan and develop appropriate training programs
  • Facilitate and deliver effective training
  • Measure results from training courses and programs
  • Provide ongoing organisations support with training

Contact our Support Team on 024 7610 0090 or via Email to see how we can help you develop and deliver effective internal training programs.

Classroom-based train the trainer training courses

We totally understand that online train the trainer courses are not for everyone. In fact, some people are actually surprised by the idea of completing train the trainer courses online. Some believe that classroom training gives the best learning experience and knowledge retention for learners.

In addition, trainers attending classroom train the trainer courses also benefit from an interactive and professional learning environment. They are also able to ask questions, seek clarification and learning from others in a collaborative learning environment.

All our train the trainer online courses can also be delivered face to face at your workplace or any suitable training venue across all UK cities and regions. Our train the trainer class sizes are always small, allowing lots of time for delegates to ask questions and discuss key issues. We focus on the key aspects to help trainers gain the core skills and implement them straight away.

Contact our Support Team on 024 7610 0090 or via Email to how we can help your organisations with face to face training for internal trainers.

Blended learning solutions for trainers

The Mandatory Training Group offers free blended learning solutions for organisations of any size in any sector. Blended learning combines classroom training, e-learning and self-directed learning for trainers.

So how does blended learning for trainers work?

Firstly, it is essential to carry out a training needs assessment (TNA). This helps to identify current strengths and knowledge gaps as well as the best way to structure the training delivery. Trainers are then provided with a combination of classroom-based and online learning resources to effectively meet their needs.

Classroom training train the trainer courses provide an effective learning experience and knowledge retention and remains the preferred choice of delivering train the trainer courses for most organisations across the UK. On the other hand, many organisations are realising the benefits of using a combination of classroom and online training courses for trainers.

In fact, many subjects can be delivered effectively using e-learning alone. This helps to deliver train the trainer courses effectively while saving time and money without compromising the quality of training.

About our online trainer training & coaching courses

Our experienced trainer training teamwork with individuals and organisations across the UK to make the most out of our train the trainer resources. Trainers will be able to use these skills, tools and knowledge to deliver effective training courses, workshops and training programs to their delegates or internal employees.

So what is training the trainers all about?

Whether you are an individual training consultant or in-house company trainer, our train the trainer courses will certainly help you advance your career and deliver more effective training courses. Most organisations will benefit from our train the trainer training courses because there is likely to be internal training and coaching, whether by line managers or learning and development organisations.

It’s not always true that trainers can only be those who are considered to be experts in their fields. Indeed, supervisors and line managers are constantly teaching staff new skills, whether through structured induction training programs of passing knowledge and skills as part of their routine work. Over the past decade, we have found that all those who supervise staff, manage teams, provide guidance or occasional mentoring, you will benefit from our classroom and online train the trainer courses and trainer training programs.

Training the trainer courses for trainers & facilitators

For over a decade, our learning and development team have trained many trainers across the UK and overseas. We have helped many trainers to enhance their skills with our wide range of classroom and online train the trainer courses. Our E-Learning trainer training courses provide flexibility for trainers while reducing “out of office” periods.

With our train the trainer courses, individuals and organisations benefit from high-quality training materials that have been expertly developed over the last 10 years. You will be able to build on your existing skills, complete your train the trainer courses flexibly and realise your return on investment. So why not contact us today to see how we can help you stay ahead with our training courses for trainers, including our high-quality online train the trainer courses.

Trainer training courses & trainer qualifications

See below summaries of our core train the trainer courses:

Assessing Training Needs – This train the trainer course is suitable for those who are responsible for developing the skills of a group or groups of people, you will need to carry out an assessment of training needs to effectively train your employees.

Training Needs Analysis – This trainer course helps trainers to identify the training and development needs of your staff, organisation or your training delegates if you are an independent training consultant.

Preparing Your Training Programme – Our comprehensive trainer course helps you to develop effective training programmes that will benefit learners and can be applied immediately.

Developing a Structured Training Programme – this train the trainer module teaches trainers and training facilitators how to set clear training objectives, design and deliver effective training programs, measure and evaluate results of training.

Training Delivery Skills – This train the trainer module helps trainers to enhance their own training styles, develop effective training formats that make their training courses stand out.

Delivering Effective Training Sessions – our train the trainer module teaches trainers how to effectively deliver training courses and programs in a meaningful, yet interesting highly effective and enjoyable way.

Developing Yourself as a Trainer – Trainers come in all shapes and sizes. There is no one size fits all. Successful trainers adapt and can often work in different ways. We provide you with the skills that are necessary to get the most out of your delegates.

Being an Effective Trainer – Trainers should continually improve their skills to enable them to be more effective in getting results from the training they deliver.

Fast-Track Trainer Training Courses – Are you looking to fast track your train the trainer experience? Or perhaps looking to develop an effective training course, workshop or program? Our training and development team will be able to run a fast track train the trainer program to get you up and running within a few days.

Core Train the Trainer Essentials – This online train the trainer course focuses on the key skills required by trainers in any sector.

On-The-Job Trainer Training – Structured classroom-based training courses are not always possible or practical. In most cases, it is often easier and more practical for supervisors and line managers to provide hands-on knowledge and skills on the job or coaching.

Coaching Skills for Trainer & Facilitators – Our comprehensive coaching skills courses provide a practical understanding of how to give both support and challenging opportunities for employees and knowing how and when to coach.

Book or find out more about our online train the trainer courses

Contact our Support Team on 024 7610 0090 or via Email to see how we can help you or your organisation with online train the trainer courses and programs.

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Online Train the Trainer Courses – Train the Trainer Courses Online.
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