This course includes classroom and online mandatory training courses and qualifications for Health CSTF Aligned Mandatory Training for Healthcare Professionals.

CSTF Aligned Mandatory Training Courses

The Mandatory Training Group is a leading provider of Skills for Health’s UK Core Skills Training Framework (‘Skills for Health CSTF’) aligned statutory and mandatory training courses across all UK regions. The CSTF mandatory and statutory training courses are delivered in a classroom format covering theory and practical aspects every year.

Which type of mandatory training do you require?

The majority of NHS Trusts, private hospitals and other healthcare providers are now insisting that all their staff should attend mandatory training that is aligned to the Skills for Health CSTF. Likewise, most locum, nursing and other healthcare recruitment agencies now require their healthcare professionals to complete Skills for Health CSTF aligned mandatory and statutory training courses. The content of The Mandatory Training Group’s training courses are fully mapped to the Core Skills Training Framework and has been independently verified as conforming to the universally accepted continuing professional development (CPD) standards.

Please ask your employer, locum/recruitment agency which type of mandatory training you need. The Mandatory Training Group will not be held responsible if you select the incorrect mandatory training course.

Is the ‘all one-day mandatory training course’ still valid?

Many health and social care provider contact our Support Team to ask ‘Is the all in one-day mandatory training course still valid?

Health & social care workers can still complete the ‘All in One Day Mandatory Training Course’. However, the ‘one-day mandatory training course’ is not aligned to the Skills for Health’s UK UK Core Skills Training Framework.

We highly recommend that all healthcare professionals should complete mandatory and statutory training that is aligned with the Core Skills Training Framework. If you are unsure, please carry out a training needs assessment or talk to your commissioners, Care Quality Commission inspectors regarding the specific training you require.

Alternatively, contact our Support Team on 024 7610 0090 or through our online enquiry form to see how we can help you complete your needs assessment.

Who are Skills for Health CSTF mandatory training for?

The Skills for Health CSTF aligned statutory and mandatory training course is suitable for all healthcare professionals working in NHS and private hospitals, locum doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, whether full time, part time, bank/temporary staff and agency workers.

Please note that this Skills for Health CSTF aligned statutory and mandatory training course is an annual refresher training course. It is not suitable for those candidates who are new to the health and social care sector. It is up to each organisation to ensure that their new and/or inexperienced staff should complete comprehensive induction training or additional training to meet the Care Quality Commission (CQC) requirements for mandatory and statutory training.

Practical day statutory/mandatory annual course content

This classroom-based annual mandatory training day includes the essential practical elements of manual handling and resuscitation skills aligned to the Skills for Health CSTF and the following modules:

  • CSTF Infection Prevention and Control (Levels 1 and 2)
  • CSTF Information Governance (Including NHS Counter Fraud)
  • CSTF Fire Safety
  • CSTF NHS Conflict Resolution (Including Complaints Handling & Lone Working Awareness)
  • CSTF Safeguarding Adults (Including Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards)
  • CSTF Moving & Handling (Level 1 and 2)
  • CSTF Resuscitation Level 1 (Including Anaphylaxis and Choking)
  • CSTF Resuscitation – Level 2 – Adult Basic Life Support
  • CSTF Resuscitation – Level 3 – Adult Immediate Life Support

Optional Skills for Health CSTF aligned courses

The Mandatory Training Group also provides the following Skills for Health CSTF aligned mandatory training modules:

  • CSTF Resuscitation – Level 2 – Paediatric Basic Life Support
  • CSTF Resuscitation – Level 3 – Paediatric Immediate Life Support
  • CSTF Resuscitation – Level 2 – New-born Basic Life Support
  • CSTF Resuscitation – Level 3 – New-born Immediate Life Support

**The optional CSTF aligned mandatory training modules above may be required by nursing and other healthcare staff who work in paediatric settings. The training modules can be provided on the day for no additional cost. Those delegates who do not require these modules can leave before the training starts.

Free Skills for Health CSTF aligned e-learning modules

On completion of the annual mandatory/statutory practical day training, all delegates will be given access to free mandatory training courses listed below:

E-learning Modules (required every three years)

  • CSTF Health, Safety & Welfare
  • CSTF Equality, Diversity & Human Rights
  • CSTF Safeguarding Children Level 1 & 2
  • CSTF Preventing Radicalisation

The login details to access your free mandatory training online will be sent via email.

E-learning Optional Modules (Role dependent – frequency varies)

  • CSTF Blood Component Transfusion Level 3
  • CSTF Safeguarding Children Level 3
  • MTG Food Hygiene/Food Safety Awareness
  • MTGG Medication Awareness
  • MTG Physical Restraint Awareness

Skills for Health CSTF clinical skills/care modules

  • Your Healthcare Career
  • Duty of Care
  • Privacy & Dignity
  • Person Centred Care
  • Communication
  • Consent
  • Fluids & Nutrition
  • Dementia Awareness

What is statutory training?

Statutory training is that which an organisation is legally required to provide as defined by law or where a statutory body has instructed organisations to provide training on the basis of legislation.

What is mandatory training?

Mandatory training is training that is determined essentially by an organisation to be essential for the safe and efficient running in order to reduce organisational risks and comply with policies and government guidelines.

Why train with The Mandatory Training Group?

The Mandatory Training Group has extensive experience working with health and social care providers across the UK and internationally. Benefits of choosing us as your mandatory training provider include:

  • Fully qualified and experienced professional trainers and educators across all UK regions
  • The Mandatory Training Group are one of the leading providers of Skills for Health CSTF aligned statutory and mandatory training courses
  • UK CPD accredited training provider
  • All mandatory training courses mapped to relevant training framework and externally verified
  • High impact delivery of mandatory training courses covering relevant theory, legislation, demonstrations, role playing and assessments of practical techniques and skills
  • Resuscitation Council (UK) aligned resuscitation training courses and workshops

All our statutory/mandatory training courses and workshops are independently verified as conforming to the universally accepted continuing professional development (CPD) standards. Evidence of verification of The mandatory Training Group’s training courses can be found on the CPD Certification Service website:

Mandatory training and nurses revalidation

The UK’s professional regulator of nurses, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) introduced the concept of revalidation for all registered nurses and midwives in 2016. A key requirement for nurses revalidation is that each registrant should show evidence of 40 hours of CPD required over the preceding three year period.

Nurses can use The Mandatory Training Group’s statutory and mandatory training courses as evidence of Continual Professional Development. The classroom mandatory/statutory training courses contribute towards the participatory hours for nurses’ revalidation.

Book Skills for Health CSTF statutory/mandatory training

Are you looking to book the ‘Skills for Health CSTF’ mandatory & statutory training course at your place of work or venue of your choice? Our experienced professional trainers will expertly deliver high impact training for up to 20 delegates, for as little as £35 per person!

How do I book for care home mandatory training?

The Mandatory Compliance Group offers mandatory training bundles for both the Home Care and Care Home sectors that includes training for all these subjects at discounted prices.

Contact our Support Team to discuss your care home mandatory training requirements.

024 7610 0090