French firm Sanofi indicted over epilepsy drug Depakine

French firm Sanofi indicted over epilepsy drug Depakine. AFP In 2018 aggrieved parents protested against Sanofi French pharmaceutical firm Sanofi is being investigated for possible manslaughter charges in France over the deaths of four babies whose mothers took the anti-epilepsy drug valproate. Marketed in France as Depakine, it was found to carry a high risk of birth defects if taken by pregnant women. Sanofi denies wrongdoing and says it warned of the potential risks long ago. It is already being prosecuted in France for allegedly [...]

Coronavirus: Matt Hancock ‘worried’ about ‘debilitating’ long-term impact of COVID-19

Coronavirus: Matt Hancock 'worried' about 'debilitating' long-term impact of COVID-19 The health secretary tells Sky News he is concerned about "increasing evidence" a "significant minority" have long-term impacts. Health Secretary Matt Hancock admits he is "worried" about the long-term impacts of coronavirus on those who have been infected. Mr Hancock said a "significant minority" of people had suffered "quite debilitating" conditions after contracting COVID-19. It comes after Sky News reported on how psychosis, insomnia, kidney disease, spinal infections, strokes, chronic tiredness and mobility issues [...]

Lung cancer specialist nurses ‘overwhelmed’ by caseloads

Lung cancer specialist nurses ‘overwhelmed’ by caseloads. Specialist lung cancer nursing services are being overwhelmed by an unsustainable caseload that is putting patient care at risk, according to a new report. The report from Lung Cancer Nursing UK features a snapshot survey which found nearly half – 47% – of lung cancer nurse specialists who took part care for more than 200 patients at any one time. More than three quarters – 77% – said they felt there were simply not enough [...]

Teenager Emily Moore ‘let down’ at a mental health unit

Teenager Emily Moore 'let down' at a mental health unit. FAMILY HANDOUT Emily Moore had moved to Lanchester Road Hospital shortly before her death An 18-year-old woman who took her own life at a mental health hospital was "let down", her father has said. Emily Moore's death last week follows four others in less than two years at facilities run by the Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust. Her father David branded mental health services provided by the trust as "diabolical". Trust chief [...]

New Chief Medical Officer warns UK is sitting on a health timebomb

New Chief Medical Officer warns UK is sitting on a health timebomb because the NHS is struggling to cope with a surge in the number of elderly patients. Chris Whitty says drastic action needed to cope with number of patients 65+ Countryside districts are often poorly served by GPs and hospital clinics he says Professor Whitty proposes a series of radical solutions to our ageing crisis The NHS risks being overwhelmed by an old-age health crisis, the new Chief Medical Officer warns today. Chris Whitty says [...]