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Older victims of crime not cared for well enough, says report

Older victims of crime not cared for well enough, says report. GETTY IMAGES - Police forces were aware of older people's increasing concerns about fraud, the report found. Older people who are victims of crime are being let down by police and prosecutors in England and Wales, a report has concluded. The joint report by two watchdogs has looked for the first time at the treatment of victims aged over 60. It found that care was not good enough in 101 of the 192 [...]

Anaesthetic devices ‘vulnerable to hackers’

Anaesthetic devices 'vulnerable to hackers'. The problem affects anaesthetic machines used in many hospitals around the world A type of anaesthetic machine that has been used in NHS hospitals can be hacked and controlled from afar if left accessible on a hospital computer network, a cyber-security company says. A successful attacker would be able to change the amount of anaesthetic delivered to a patient, CyberMDX said. Alarms designed to alert anaesthetists to any danger could also be silenced. GE Healthcare, which makes the machines, [...]

Hospital trust to fine and discipline smokers

Hospital trust to fine and discipline smokers. A third of acute trusts are yet to go smoke-free, says Public Health England A hospital will fine smokers and discipline workers caught smoking as a new ban comes in to force. Staff will face formal action if caught smoking three times at Sandwell and West Birmingham hospitals. Enforcement officers can issue a £50 penalty to any visitors ignoring the rules but vaping will continue to be allowed. Public Health England has said all trusts should go [...]

Slavery ring that forced 400 people to work for 50p a day is broken

Slavery ring that forced 400 people to work for 50p a day is broken. Victims were forced to work for as little as 50p a day, lived in squalor, and had to go to food banks and soup kitchens to eat. (Clockwise from top left) Ignacy Brzezinski, Marek Chowaniec, Jan Sadowski, Julianna Chodakiewicz, Wojciech Nowakowski, Natalida Zmuda, Marek Brzezinski, Justyna Parczewska The UK's largest-ever modern slavery ring - which forced more than 400 people to work for as little as 50p a [...]

Sexual violence victims get ‘terrible deal’, says outgoing commissioner

Sexual violence victims get 'terrible deal', says outgoing commissioner. Helen Newlove calls for victims to get free legal advice over access to personal data Reporting a rape or sexual assault is for many ‘as harrowing as the crime itself’, Newlove says. Photograph: PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou/Getty Images/PhotoAlto Victims of sexual violence are receiving “a terrible deal” from the criminal justice system with only 2% of their attackers convicted in court, according to the outgoing victims’ commissioner. In her final report after six years in office, [...]