Author - Nachelle Geronimo

Airborne transmission of COVID-19 cannot be ruled out, says WHO

Coronavirus: Airborne transmission of COVID-19 cannot be ruled out, says WHO. Hundreds of scientists say evidence shows some virus particles linger in the air rather than dropping to the floor. Findings on airborne transmission could end up changing guidance on distancing. The World Health Organisation has recognised there is "evidence emerging" of airborne transmission of coronavirus, which could lead to changes in guidance on distancing. Speaking at a briefing on Tuesday, the organisation's COVID-19 technical lead Maria Van Kerkhove said discussion was ongoing [...]

New government unit to take over Covid response

New government unit to take over Covid response. Coronavirus pandemic GETTY IMAGES - The Joint Biosecurity Centre is being asked to develop new ways to respond to coronavirus outbreaks. The government's new Joint Biosecurity Centre is to take a more prominent role in coordinating the response to Covid-19, the BBC understands. The JBC will be asked to develop novel ways to quickly identify and contain potential outbreaks. Sage, the government's scientific advisory group, will meet less often and its sub-groups will report to ministers. But [...]

India scientists alarmed over ‘unrealistic’ Covid vaccine deadline

India scientists alarmed over 'unrealistic' Covid vaccine deadline. Coronavirus pandemic GETTY IMAGES - There are around 120 coronavirus vaccine programmes under way. A group of Indian scientists has warned a deadline to launch a Covid-19 vaccine for public use is unfeasible. The Indian Academy of Sciences warned against "any hasty solution that may compromise rigorous scientific processes and standards". The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) had said it "envisaged" the vaccine to be launched by 15 August, which is India's Independence Day. The ICMR [...]

Coronavirus: Immunity may be more widespread than tests suggest

Coronavirus: Immunity may be more widespread than tests suggest. Coronavirus pandemic SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY People testing negative for coronavirus antibodies may still have some immunity, a study has suggested. For every person testing positive for antibodies, two were found to have specific T-cells which identify and destroy infected cells. This was seen even in people who had mild or symptomless cases of Covid-19. But it's not yet clear whether this just protects that individual, or if it might also stop them from passing on the [...]

Coronavirus: Hydroxychloroquine trial to restart

Coronavirus: Hydroxychloroquine trial to restart. Coronavirus pandemic GETTY IMAGES - Trials will discover whether hydroxychloroquine can prevent coronavirus infection. Trials of the controversial anti-malarial drug taken by US President Donald Trump to try to prevent catching coronavirus are to be resumed. UK regulators say hydroxychloroquine and a similar drug chloroquine can be given to healthcare workers in a clinical study to test the theory. Recruitment to the COPCOV trial had been paused amid concerns about side-effects raised by other research that has since been discredited. That work looked at treating [...]