Author - Dora Madaba

Northern England schools ‘most disrupted by Covid’

Northern England schools 'most disrupted by Covid' GETTY/DAVID C TOMLINSON A third of confirmed teacher cases of coronavirus were in north-west England at one point, according to data seen exclusively by the BBC. In mid-October that amounted to 710 teachers across the region's schools. The Northern Powerhouse, a plan aimed at redressing North-South economic imbalance, says pupils in the North face the most disruption and wants next year's exams ditched for coursework. The government said exams were "the fairest way" of judging performance. Ministers have [...]

‘Generation Covid’ hit hard by the pandemic, research reveals

'Generation Covid' hit hard by the pandemic, research reveals Young people, particularly those from deprived backgrounds, have had their earnings and job prospects hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic, adding to fears for the long-term impact on their futures. BBC Panorama found people aged 16-25 were more than twice as likely as older workers to have lost their job, while six in 10 saw their earnings fall, according to new research. It also highlighted the impact of school closures on young people [...]

Textbook makes autistic people ‘sound like toddlers’

Textbook makes autistic people 'sound like toddlers'  The bullet point appears alongside other "key autism symptoms" on page 182 of the textbook. A publisher has said it will conduct an "immediate review" into an A Level textbook accused of being "deeply offensive to autistic people". Pearson's A Level Psychology Revision Guide says children who have "tantrums" due to routine changes may be autistic. The National Autistic Society called it "misleading" and has urged the publisher to correct the book. It said: "A meltdown is [...]

Planners ‘must prepare’ for weather extremes – Met Office

Planners 'must prepare' for weather extremes - Met Office  PA MEDIA The Met Office is launching a tool to help planners prepare for further extremes of rainfall and high temperatures. It warns that wild weather in the future is likely to place increasing challenges on health, infrastructure and services. The projections follow a year of UK extremes. The country experienced its wettest February, a record sunny May and the wettest ever day on 3 October. This new analysis doesn’t speculate on possible record high temperatures. Instead, [...]

Coronavirus: Sharp rise in weekly coronavirus deaths in England and Wales, ONS data shows

Coronavirus: Sharp rise in weekly coronavirus deaths in England and Wales, ONS data shows  People walk past an NHS sign in London during the coronavirus pandemic Weekly deaths linked to coronavirus have risen to their highest level in England and Wales since the beginning of July, according to the Office for National Statistics. A total of 438 deaths were registered in the week ending 9 October with COVID-19 mentioned on the death certificate. This is up from 321 deaths in the week to [...]