Healthcare Lacks Defined Digital Strategy

Healthcare Lacks Defined Digital Strategy - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Healthcare Lacks Defined Digital Strategy

Healthcare Lacks Defined Digital Strategy

Healthcare Lacks Defined Digital Strategy - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Digital transformation is progressing slowly, and firms are often unsure which direction to move in, according to a new study.

The aim of the studyDigital Health Trend Study, published by global strategy and marketing consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners, was to understand the current development state of digital strategies and to find out if companies only talk about it, or have already implemented it.

For the study more than 120 managers from the pharma and medtech industries were surveyed worldwide in August and September 2019.

The study found that 59% of pharma, medtech, and consumer healthcare companies still lack a fully defined digital strategy, according to the study. Healthcare companies define their strategies using different models. In 56% of cases, a dedicated digital team defines the strategy, while in another 42%, a new or existing commercial team takes on this role.

Traditionally, digital health strategies are initiated by companies’ headquarters; only in rare cases do individual countries or business units act independently. Almost 90% of those surveyed say their company’s headquarters defines the strategy for all business units, and 66% report that the headquarters takes over planning for all geographic levels. However, the case that a strategy is applied at both geographical and organizational levels, only occurs to 14% of respondents who already have a defined strategy. Over half of the companies in this category see themselves as digital front runners in the industry.

The survey found that most healthcare companies with dedicated digital teams are satisfied with their defined strategies. However, they often fail to implement and apply them effectively due to a lack of resources and insufficient staffing capacity. In contrast, when integrated commercial teams take care of the issue, only five percent of the companies surveyed said they were dissatisfied.

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Healthcare Lacks Defined Digital Strategy.

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