Healthcare Training Providers (UK)

Healthcare Training Providers (UK) – Health & Social Care Providers (UK).

Healthcare Training Providers (UK)

With offices in Coventry and Birmingham (West Midlands), The Mandatory Training Group is the leading UK provider of healthcare training and e-learning for healthcare courses in the UK. All our healthcare training and eLearning courses are mapped to Ofqual qualifications, independently verified and certified in compliance with the continuing professional development (CPD) international standards.

Training for healthcare professionals & courses for NHS staff

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Train healthcare staff internally or outsource to training providers?

Healthcare training can be provided by internal learning and development teams or outsourced to external training providers. There are pros and cons with either option. Here at The Mandatory Training Group, we work with many organisations to develop, appraise and implement effective training programs for healthcare organisations of any size. We use recognised training frameworks such as the Skills for Health Core Skills Training Framework, the Care Certificate and Ofqual qualifications, e.g. Recognised Qualifications Frameworks (RQFs).

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Trouble finding a healthcare training provider?

Are you having trouble finding a reliable healthcare training provider? Training and development is an essential part of any healthcare organisation. In fact, many healthcare providers ensure that the learning and development process starts from the first day of work, through induction training programs and provision of statutory and mandatory training courses.

How do I find a suitable healthcare training provider?

There are many blogs and websites that list health and social care training providers who offer a variety of courses and qualifications. One of the main challenges faced by healthcare organisations is a criteria to determine which of these health and social care training providers deliver quality training or even a mechanism to compare these training providers. We recommend that you ask the following questions when deciding on a healthcare training provider:

  • Have you complete a training needs assessment?
  • Which training provider is likely to meet your organisational needs?
  • Have you found out about the training company’s background, training courses they offer and their capacity to meet your needs?
  • Have you asked for references of feedback from other healthcare organisations who have used the training company’s services?
  • Do they use recognised training frameworks?
  • Are they accredited by recognised accreditation organisations?

The Mandatory Training Group has become the preferred training providers for many healthcare organisations including NHS Trusts, general practice surgeries, dental practices, healthcare clinics and private hospitals across the Midlands and all UK regions. Our healthcare courses include clinical skills training, simulations, resuscitation skills from level 1 basic life support courses, immediate life support, anaphylaxis and advanced courses for nurses, doctors, healthcare assistants (HCAs) and allied health professionals (AHPs).

Occupational healthcare experience and expertise

Training healthcare staff, whether they are working in NHS Trusts or private healthcare companies, requires a level of technical competence and experience. All our content developers, trainers and facilitators have extensive occupational experience in various healthcare settings, academic credentials and facilitation skills to develop and deliver meaningful training. Most healthcare training courses require skills and expertise beyond just flicking through PowerPoint slides. With our healthcare trainers, you will get peace of mind that your staff are receiving meaningful training that is based on the latest evidence and tailored to your specific service.

Do you only provide training in Birmingham and West Midlands?

The Mandatory Training Group provides healthcare training courses in all regions in England, Wales and Scotland. We have experienced and professional healthcare and social care trainers across all major cities and UK regions.

We have worked with many healthcare organisations across the UK to help them achieve and maintain Care Quality Commission (CQC) compliance audits.

Whether you are looking for healthcare statutory and mandatory training courses or specialty specific healthcare courses, The Mandatory Training Group will be able to support your organisations with your training requirements.

CSTF aligned face to face and online training for healthcare

Where relevant, the content of training courses have been verified as aligning to the Skills for Health UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF).

NHS healthcare agency worker training packages 

The Mandatory Training Group’s agency training packages for healthcare professionals are individually designed for healthcare workers to remain compliant on a yearly basis through one simple and easy purchase. These healthcare training packages include all required mandatory and statutory training, in both face-to-face and online formats at a very competitive price. All online and face to face healthcare training courses have been assessed by Skills for Health, a non-profit and government accredited organisation, responsible for overseeing the healthcare training standards.

Online training courses for healthcare professionals

The Mandatory Training Group’s online healthcare training courses are easily accessible and offer a flexible approach to leaning. Our online healthcare training is compatible with all mobile devices and allows candidates to learn at their own pace. Our online training users undertake more than 200,000 training sessions per year with an excellent pass rate. You will receive your results and have access to your CPD certificate upon completion.

Face to face training for healthcare workers

Our face to face/classroom healthcare training courses are a practical and theory based way to learn. We have delivered over 5000 hours of face-to-face training annually through our network of experienced trainers across all UK regions. The most popular healthcare training courses include Basic Life Support, Manual Handling & Moving of People & Inanimate Objects and Prevention Management of Violence and Aggression.

Are these healthcare courses suitable for homecare workers?

With an ageing population and increasingly complex conditions being managed in primary care settings, we have found that domiciliary care workers are caring patients in their own homes. Domiciliary care workers should have adequate training to ensure that they deliver high quality care to these patients. Our trainers can provide high quality healthcare and clinical training courses to domiciliary care workers in any specialty.

Why is healthcare training important?

Healthcare is an essential service and a treasured aspect of human life. There are talented doctors, caring nurses, analytical counsellors, expert therapists, dedicated social workers, hard-working foot health practitioners, and many other carers that all, thankfully, see healthcare as more than just a job. They offer their time and their expertise to improve the quality of our lives.

If you believe you have what it takes to make it in the healthcare industry, or you already work on this sector and want to develop your skills, an online course could be your ticket to success. You have a wide choice of regulated, RQF courses, that offer qualifications that are widely recognised in the healthcare sector. RQF qualifications may require work experience or a practical element, to help you build hands-on skills. Happily, work placements can be completed alongside your online learning.

Contact The Mandatory Training Group

The Mandatory Training Group is a training company set up to offer face to face and online training for health care and social care providers across all UK regions.

Contact our Support Team on 024 7610 0090 or via Email to discuss your healthcare and clinical care training needs for health and social care workers.

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Healthcare Training Providers (UK) – Health & Social Care Providers (UK).

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