Mandatory Training Courses for Health & Social Care

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Mandatory Training Courses for Health & Social Care

Mandatory Training Courses for Health & Social Care Professionals – UK CPD Accredited E-Learning.

Mandatory training courses

The Mandatory Training Group lists a wide range of CPD certified statutory and mandatory training courses that are suitable for NHS professionals including nurses, doctors, dentists, allied health professionals (AHPs) and healthcare assistants (HCAs). We have also developed mandatory and statutory training courses for health and social care staff working in the adult social care settings including Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered care homes (training courses for residential care & nursing homes) and domiciliary care agency workers (including home care workers).

What is the difference between mandatory and statutory training?

Here at The Mandatory Training Group, we often get asked: “what is the difference between mandatory and statutory training?”. We will define the terms ‘mandatory’ and ‘statutory’ training within the context of health and social care sectors and explain the differences.

What is mandatory training?

In general, mandatory training is the training that an organisation determines to be essential for safe and efficient practice and to reduce organisational risks and comply with national policies and regulatory framework, for example, the Care Quality Commission recommendations for health and social care mandatory training.

What is statutory training?

Statutory training is the training that is required by law or a statutory body such as the Care Quality Commission has instructed the organisation to carry the training to meet legislative requirements. Read our in-depth article for more details.

Statutory training is the training usually required by law or where a statutory body has instructed an organisation to provide such training by specific legislation, for example, the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

So in practice, is there a difference between mandatory and statutory training? Most health and social care employers often describe both types of training as ‘essential training’ or ‘compulsory training’ as a ‘catch-all’ phrase for both. Statutory and mandatory training ensures that health and social care workers have the skills and knowledge to maintain a healthy and safe working environment for themselves and their colleagues, as well as patients and service users.

Professional organisations and mandatory training?

Professional regulatory organisations such as the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) have provided extensive guidance for doctors and nurses’ continuing professional development (CPD) requirements. Also, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) guided the differences between statutory and mandatory training for nursing and healthcare staff, including temporary, bank and agency workers. It is important to note that mandatory training requirements may vary depending on the specific job role and responsibilities of the different healthcare professionals.

CQC guidance for statutory/mandatory training

We also get many enquiries from health and social care providers asking ‘is there a CQC list of mandatory training for health and social care workers?’. There is no specific CQC list of mandatory training courses that should be completed by health and social care professionals.

The Care Quality Commission expects each service provider to carry out a needs assessment and determine the specific mandatory training subjects required to minimise the risk within their work environment. So what happens if an organisation fails to meet the CQC requirements for mandatory training?

The Care Quality Commission has the powers to take regulatory action if health and social care providers fail to meet the Regulation 18 requirements. Regulation 18 states that all health and social care staff must receive support, training and personal development necessary for them to carry out their job role safely and effectively. Employees who have previously completed mandatory training courses should undertake annual mandatory training updates (often referred to as mandatory refresher training) to ensure that they have the knowledge and understanding of changes in legislation, directives and regulatory framework. Annual mandatory refresher training intervals will vary depending on specific job roles and the organisational requirements.

Skills for Health’s UK Core Skills Training Framework

Skills for Health created the UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) for healthcare employers. The CSTF aims to standardise the delivery and consistency of mandatory training across all UK regions. It provides guidance, learning outcomes and mapping tools to improve quality of mandatory training delivery, while reducing costs, allowing compliance managers to track progress and meet CQC regulatory requirements. Click on the link below to see our range of CSTF aligned statutory/mandatory training courses:

Skills for Health’s UK CSTF Aligned Mandatory & Statutory Training Courses.

Classroom or online mandatory training?

The Mandatory Training Group receives many enquiries from health and social care providers asking ‘should all mandatory training courses be delivered in the classroom or online?’. It is up to each organisation to determine how best to deliver mandatory training courses in line with their needs.

Face to face mandatory training courses

Statutory and mandatory training courses have traditionally been delivered to groups of health and social care workers in a classroom environment. This can be within the work setting, for example, a care home or at a training centre. Training facilitators would typically cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of each mandatory training module. Click on the link below to find out more about The Mandatory Training Group’s face to face statutory and mandatory training courses:

Classroom-based mandatory and statutory training courses.

Mandatory training courses online

The past decade has seen a significant shift and increase in the use of computerised systems to deliver mandatory training online to health and social care workers. The majority of nursing, medical and other healthcare staff now use electronic software systems to document various aspects of care as well as completing their life-long learning requirements for their professional registration. Click on the link below to see The Mandatory Training Group’s online statutory and mandatory training courses:

Mandatory and Statutory Training Courses Online – E-Learning for Health & Social Care

Is the ‘all in one-day mandatory training’ course valid?

For many years, the ‘all in one-day mandatory training course’ was used as the standard to deliver training in NHS Trusts and private sector settings. The ‘all in one day’ course format was used to provide an overview of all the core mandatory and statutory training courses, including health and safety, fire safety, safeguarding adults at risk, equality and diversity, manual handling and conflict resolution.

Since the development of Skills for Health’s UK Core Skills Training Framework, many NHS Trusts, private healthcare providers and locum recruitment agencies supplying staff through NHS procurement frameworks now insist that all healthcare professionals should attend CSTF aligned mandatory training courses, not the ‘all in one-day mandatory training’ version.

Booking statutory/mandatory training

Are you looking to book mandatory training at your workplace or venue in the UK? Are you looking to set up interactive e-learning courses for health and social care workers? Contact our Coventry based Support Team on 024 7610 0090 or via Email to see how we can help your organisation meet CQC compliance requirements.

About The Mandatory Training Group

The Mandatory Training Group is the leading provider of accredited mandatory and statutory health and social care courses for healthcare professionals across the UK regions.

We intend to provide CQC compliant courses to help doctors, nurses, carers, care providers and staff deliver safe, effective, patient-centred and high-quality care to its service users at all times. Click on the links below to learn more on our online training and classroom-based courses:

Contact our Support Team on 024 7610 0090 or via Email to find out more about how our full range of healthcare and social care training courses and qualifications to meet statutory, mandatory and professional requirements.

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Mandatory Training Courses for Health & Social Care Professionals.

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